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Grain Free Seed Loaf

The Search for Bread My search for bread has been been dancing a fine balance between eggness, grainy feel, heaviness, taste and texture as well of course being gluten, grain, yeast, sugar free, low carb, keto, easy and all the rest right?! Well it seems I have found...

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Choc Chip Cookies

My Addiction Years ago Coles opened up next to our house and they had their big opening day. My big mistake. Why I though it would be fun as a family to go to the Coles opening day, I have no idea. A small amount of kids entertainment was well and truly outweighed by...

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Energise Your Cells, Your Body, Your Life

I am feeling lighter, more free and energised this past week after shifting some dense energy. I used to be limited to thinking my energy came from my food, BUT when I was eating what I thought was healthy, being a personal trainer, living what should have been an...

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4 Steps To Find Time In The Quantum

'I don't have time', to be honest this is kind of bullsh*t , and NOT in the "it's all about your priorities" kind of of way, that's kind of bullsh*t too, both have you trapped as a VICTIM, GIVING your power away to 'time', like it can dictate your life, like it has...

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4 Hormones that can go Up Over Christmas and Why

Most of us don't think too seriously about our health over the Christmas holidays, maybe a slight hint of guilt that we might put on weight, or a sideways glance to our liver when we have a few too many glasses of champagne, but in general we push these reasonably...

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The Weird Path to Freedom, Health and Happiness

Are you hiding or proudly expressing your inner weird ? You know the part of you that doesn't quite fit in, the bit that might not be socially accepted or at least judged if people were to see?The part of you that you are too scared to show the world, is actually the...

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