Look Good Feel Good - Cocktail Party

A girls night out that is not just letting your hair down with your girlfriends but full of high vibe and meaningful conversations and experiences.

Natalee is a shining light for busy women, who are not happy with the woman in the mirror and are overwhelmed with all the advice out there.

Bringing simplicity to an overly stimulated industry, Natalee cuts through all the societal conditioning and fluff to uncover your light, show you how to cleanse and heal your body and mind so you can hold more energy and light so you can shine bright looking and feeling good.

Through magical story telling Natalee is going to share:
✨ How you can lighten up your body to free up more energy, balance hormones, improve digestion and release excess weight no matter what your diet or lifestyle.
✨ How to release excess density held in the body, cells, and organs.
✨ How to quantum leap to a body, health and life you love and feel good in, right now!

She will activate looking and feeling good, deep within your cellular being with an uplifting and I inspirational piece with special guests Tamsyn and Karla. Designed to call forth your soul to dance in the energy and delight of your body and life.

WHERE: Maroochy Surf Club

WHEN: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

DRESS: Cocktail ‘A Touch of Vintage’ (or Whatever Makes You Feel Gorgeous!)

PRIZES: Attendees Receive a Beautiful Thankyou Gift **

FOOD: Sumptuous Finger Food

DRINKS: Includes One Drink on Arrival / A Cash Bar will be Available for Extra Drinks

BRING: Your Gorgeous Selves and Your Business Cards (if you’re in Business!)

** Book 7 DAYS PRIOR to Event to Qualify for a Thankyou Gift **


Why Come To An Event?

Cleanse and Heal

Bio-hacker, Practitioner and Healer Natalee shines a light on the density held in your body and mind. You will release old programming, dense energy & blocks to cleanse & heal the body and mind to be a pure vessel. You will feel lighter, clearer and more confident and connected to yourself.


Natalee weaves magic through her words and experience. Transporting you out of the mundane, 3D world, connecting  you with your most sovereign, multidimensional self. You will activate your highest vibration & codes so you will leave buzzing, crystal clear & feeling free of your past self sabotage habits.


Energy Alchemist and Quantum Healer Natalee knows exactly how to increase the voltage in your cells, body and life. You will not only feel energised, full of light and energy, you will have the blueprint to increase the frequency in your body so you expand powerfully & shine your light in world. 


To be inspired is to be ‘in spirit’. Natalee has a magical way of stripping you back to your raw truth, connecting you with your soul so you can dance in the pleasure of true alignment with your source energy, igniting the fire within. You will feel on purpose, passionate and inspired.

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