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Kia Ora! Welcome to my light-filled space. My name is Natalee, a high vibe, sometimes intense kiwi living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, changing the lives of thousands of women across the world by stripping away all the layers dulling their shine, activating energy and light in the body, so you can live a life, energised, light and free!

While I am a fat metabolism specialist, nutritional therapist, life coach, personal trainer and energy coach with 15 years of coaching experience I am really, a highly charged and light filled soul bringing the light to your life so you can shine in your unique beauty.

I see the programming and density blocking your light, and I shine a light on it, so together we can dissolve this weight, so your body, mind and heart feels lighter and free to walk with me into new dimensions where your body, health and life is yours and life is full of energy, confidence, freedom, and fun.

Beware, I create life changing transformation for anyone and ONLY everyone who is ready to let go!…..

Have you ever had that moment when couldn’t do it any more?

When you woke up from another restless night not wanting to face another day. When you put on that outfit and looked at yourself in the mirror in disgust. When you asked not to have your photo taken too embarrased to be seen. When you just crashed on the couch and couldn’t move from exhaustion. When you felt so terribly alone and confused because diets and exercise don’t work for you. When you lost control of your body and health.

If this story sounds all too familiar, I know how you feel,

Because that was me to.

I had put everyone else first for so long, saying ‘yes’ to everyone, I had no idea I had been saying ‘no’ to myself. As a personal trainer at the time I thought I was eating and living a healthy life, but my body was awfully sick and I had no idea!

Until my body crashed.

Adrenally fatigued, with IBS, anxiety, depression, bipolar, a dysfunctional thyroid, acne, an automimmune disease and an excess 10kg I hit crisis point. I couldn’t move my joints and was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis an incurable and degenerative condition of the spine and sacroiliac joint.

My prognosis was a slowly deteriorating spine which would fuse and render me immobile. The medical system slapped a label on me, prescribed medication to, slow the process and attempt to manage the pain – then sent me on my way.

This was the point I went from victim of the system, giving my power away, to reclaiming it back (on sooooo many levels)!

Over the next 10 years and beyond I would find the answers to the symptoms of the body, the messages they send us, I would decipher our souls code, cleansing and healing the body and mind to hold more energy and light. To breakthrough the limits of our 3D reality and step into our most sovereign and light filled being.

These day’s I have limitless energy, am in control of my food, weight and body. I shine in my fullness, the fire inside me burning once again.

And, I want to share all this with you. Everyone deserves this beauty, this health, this energy, lightness and life of abundance. You deserve true happiness and full health and I will show you. I will give you everything you need……


you must make a decision

ONE: do nothing and hope everything work’s out

TWO: acknowledge you are worthy of investing time and money into yourself and take a leap of faith.

When you give yourself permission to put yourself first, to invest in yourself, you open the doors to all you could possibly dream of and more…..

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Address: PO BOX 1044,
Buderim, Queensland 4556, Australia

Phone: 0416434305

Business Hours: 10am-2pm M-F

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