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Free Energising Meal Plan

Here is an example of an Energising Meal Plan with bonus shopping list and recipes. You will feel 100% satisfied, no deprivation, you don’t need to exercise, and you will increase your energy, balance your hormones and lose some weight in the first week.

I’ll tell you why it works. It is not about the calories that you put into your body, not the number of calories in or out – it is about what those calories communicate to your body – the hormones, the chemical messages, it sends to your brain, to your muscles, to your fat cells.

Free Workshop: Balance Your Hormones and Awaken Your Metabolism

During this FREE 90min workshop you will learn:


Why it doesn’t matter how little you eat or how much you exercise that stubborn fat won’t budge.


One simple trick to unlock at least 20x more energy and have excess fat just fall away without exercise


One super easy step to biohack your body and instantly switch you into fat-burning, hormone balancing and anti-ageing biochemistry.


To quantum jump to upgrade your vibration, your cellular programming and neural pathways to match the body you love so you can live light and free.

Free 7 Day Challenge: Balance Your Hormones to Burn Fat

This challenge is designed to get straight to the point. Which hormones are imbalanced, how its controlling your life and how to fix it in 7 short days. Most people lose 1-3kg in a week and notice improved sleep and skin, reduced bloating, increased energy and all round happiness.

Free Ebook: How To Release Stored Emotions With Essential Oils

Essential oils can be 50-70 times more powerful than the herbs and unlike herbs they not only penetrate the physical body but also the energy field surrounding the body. Low vibrational energies such as negative emotions, grief, anger, sadness, cannot survive in high vibrations so they are pushed to the surface to be released. Smells are the only way to directly access the limbic system in the brain where memories are stored, using essential oils can activate the limbic system and unlock DNA to allow emotions to be released from cellular memory.

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Release stored emotional energy, cleanse your aura and restore balance to the energetic bodies.

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Learn how to balance key hormones, find unused energy and release excess weight quickly and easily.

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